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Looking back, again...

Just a general reflection on life the past few months, again... 😄

Looking back, for now...

Just a general reflection on life the past few months...

Amsterdam. Hoe is dat gebeurt?

A little backstory on why and how I am going to Amsterdam for a Master's degree in Software Engineering.

Introducing... The micro-blog.

I got something neat to show you... My new micro-blog. Come. Take a look.

My new 'business card'

Incoherant rambling on stuff and 2-dimensional codes.

A few thoughts on Software Accessibility

I'm not an expert in this... But I felt like talking about accessibility in software for a while.

Obsidian's graph drawing and other random babbling...

This is basically an excuse to talk about Force-Directed graph drawing to freshen up my knowledge.

So... I finished. What now?

A few thoughts on life right now...

Disco in the world of Computer Science

A little AI experiment on a complete blog entry with a very strange topic.

Writing a book without writing a book

A little story on a writing process without actually writing that much... How? Find out...

Quick ('fun') facts on jellyfish

Some quick random fun-facts on jellyfish... Please don't ask why I'm writing this... 😅

How I made graphic design as a backend developer...

A little story from my life about how I "became" a graphic designer.

Learning everything in 5 minutes... Kinda.

A simple piece of advice on how you can motivate yourself to learn/do everything you wanted to do.

Why can't everything be simple and quick.

My different thoughts on the web and its current state considering bloat and simplicity.

The 'small web' and why you should care...

On different alternative web page protocols and their niche uses.

Why I have this website...

A few of my thoughts on why I maintain this webspace and other related things.

How I'm using desserts for my version control

In this blog post I'm giving an introduction to my private version control system using a Raspberry Pi.

Why... - Brainfuck

In here I'm giving you an introduction to the esoteric programming language "Brainfuck"

An Introduction

A little introduction to my blog and what you can expect from me.