Why I have this website...

Hey hey.

Long time no see…

Hope you are doing well so far in the year. Recently I’ve been thinking about this webpage and it’s further purpose and also how I want to use it right now as well as in the future.

It might now seem like much but I’ve been spending a bit of my free time on this little project of mine for a while. I mean obviously… Look at the crazy output of blog posts recently…

But I’ve been getting quite a bit out of all of that and I just wanted to share my thoughts on hosting a personal webspace.


It’s really neat to think that in this ever changing world with ever changing platforms you’ve this own little space on the web which you can customize just like you want it to be.

You can share your own content without worries, you can host your own tools without them suddenly changing from one day to another.

Did I mention that you can go whatever you want however you want it to be… Just because you are in charge.

Not just some third party service that might shut down or become irrelevant in a while.

It just feels super liberating.

The flex

It might sound weird and I don’t know if I’m the only one with that thought going around but it feels kinda cool to have this little webspace going around.

I mean… how cool is it to be able to say that you’ve got your own webpage or web stuff going on, with your own domain/email/whatever that even contains just your plain name. Big sorry on that part to all of the people out there with super common names… :(

That’s pretty cool in my book.

Btw did I mention that it kinda feels a bit professional to have this separate independent stuff with clean domains etc. ;)

The tools

As you might have guessed I don’t spend my main time considering this webspace on this webpage alone. As I said… Just look at the output of blog content by me. :D

I spend it rather on different kinds of web tools/thingies that I’ve got going around.

A custom git, jenkins, wiki, Minecraft server with custom map, online LaTeX editor are just a few of those things that I’ve got running on my little VPS besides this website and I use these super powerful tools quite a lot. Yes it takes a bit of time to maintain these, but it feels so rewarding/useful to have this around and to know that you can do whatever you want with these tools, customize them however you want also feels amazing.

So yeah… Those were my own thought on the topic of why I’m maintaining this webspace. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not for everyone, especially not for technically “talented” people.

But for me it just feels very rewarding and cool to have this.

See ya hopefully soon. :D