Introducing... The micro-blog.

Well hello…

Good to see you again. Hope you are doing well.

Today I wanna show you a small little thing I made and most importantly maintain.

While we’re at the topic of small things… don’t you dare… May I present to you. My new micro-blog.

Conveniently found at

But why? some imaginary people that don’t exist because nobody ready this blog, think… You don’t even post that often here… and now you want to split up your time and workload…

Yeah. You got it absolutely right. I think, I can’t leave that uncommented… especially since this is a blog entry and I want to write something down… 😂

Okay. So, where does this come from? Well… Recently I read a book called “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon. To put it in a nutshell it put forward a lot of good reasons why it’s a good idea to document all of the different things you do/make.

First, we humans are notiouly bad at maintaining information in our brain. Documenting that stuff helps “remembering” that information by writing it down and referencing it later. Second, we use that as a “reference” of sorts for other people. Other’s can read it remember… we are in the internet, see what you do, get inspired, feel helped, or verify whatever feeling they had before.

There’s even an entire chapter called “Share something small every day” which goes into detail about this phenomenon.

I mean… Most likely most of this stuff will probably be not really interesting, or just a straight up worse explaination of something else you can find on the web. That isn’t really a problem though. Why?

Well… First of all, you gotra keep Sturgeon’s law in mind, where according to this principle 90% of your output is crap anyways and the rest 10% is worthwile. So with enough mass you’ll eventually produce something interesting.

Also, explainations/writings of the same topics always have different focus’, target audiences etc. So an explaination of an complete amateur sometimes is more useful to one person conpared to an explaination by a veteran in this field.

So… What am I doing now with this…

Well, this blog obviouly stays but switches focus towards more “elaborate” and “higher effort” posts. a bit counter-intuitive since this isn’t that much of an high-effort post… 😅 The new micro blog is mostly for smaller topics, recent learnings or other random interesting (from my perspective 😉) things.

I’ve already worked on this micro blog for about a week, so there are quite a few posts already out there… 😅 I hope you find that as interesting as the writing experience until now for me…

Check it out here

And see ya over there.