Quick ('fun') facts on jellyfish

Ahoy everyone.

Hope you’re doing well. Today I’ve got a quick little post for you and this time it isn’t event IT related or something deeply “philosophical” from my life. 😂

Shocking I know…

I just wanna share some quick little “fun” facts about jellyfish with you? Why you may ask? Well… I don’t really know. I just wanted to write something small up and my other ideas need some time in their implementation or are way too long by my quick writing pleasures.

So I did what I always do in those kinds of situations. I asked somebody else for ideas. 😅

To my rescue came a good friend of mine, Lisa, who suggested “jellyfish”. I was a bit confused but thought… Why not…

So here we are… Ten quick facts on jellyfish. 😂

  • Jellyfish are actually older than dinosaurs as a species. The oldest verified jellyfish remnants are about 500 million years old but they are speculated to have existed for about 700 million years.
  • They aren’t made out of jelly but rather about 95-98% water. Shocking… 😮
  • The tallest jellyfish can be up to ~2m tall. That’s taller than most of you out there…
  • Jellyfish can cause various mechanical lock-ups in water-related systems (like ships or desalination plants) due to clogging as well as crush fishing nets.
  • They have no brain, heart, bones or eyes, one of the few species to not feature either of those bodyparts.
  • Jellyfish eat and shit from the same hole in the center of their body as well as shoot out a stream of water which they can use to swim.
  • Some species of jellyfish can be basically immortal by “dividing itself up” into multiple polyps.
  • A specific species of the jellyfish (box jellyfish, Chironex fleckeri) is the most venomous marine animal on earth.
  • A rapid increase in a jellyfish population is called a “jellyfish bloom”.
  • Due to their body shape jellyfish are one of the most efficient swimmers of the world, by rapidly contracting and expanding their body.

Interesting isn’t it… I also didn’t expect to read up on jellyfish facts today but here we are. Life is sometimes pretty strange and amusing.

So yeah…

See ya hopefully soon. 👋