An Introduction

Hello World.

Denis speaking. well I’m writing but you get the idea…

And welcome to my little blog. I’m not really expecting that too many people, or even people at all but welcome. Nice that you’ve found this corner of the interwebs. So…. You might be asking yourself… What is this guy up? I’m glad you’ve asked. Or not. I’m answering this question anyways. :D

Well… This blog is about me and my ideas, my interests and my projects and since my interests revolve around computer sciences and programming this blog will also mainly revolve around these topics.

Also this blog serves some archival/learning purpose in the sense of outlining the basic approach in a certain topic/project and depthen my understanding on this topic.

Don’t worry though… I’ll try to make it at least a little bit interesting since the idea of a personal blog always intrigued me. But I won’t say there wouldn’t be some off topic surprises here and there. :P

I’ve already got some interesting ideas that I want to share with you so you can be ““excited””.

So yeah… I don’t want to drag this one out unnecessarily long don’t worry… I’ll do that more than enough…

The main thing about this blog entry is to be this little introductory thingy. Nothing more. Nothing less.

So see ya. :)