Looking back, for now...

Hey hey…

Long time no see. 😅 It’s been a while since my last post of any kind, but I’ve been a “busy bee” in the meantime. I mentioned that before, but I started out my MSc in Software Engineering. If you wanna catch up, on how I got there even in the first place, check out the previous post, where I go into more detail.

Well… I think the words from our program director describe it pretty well, regarding how I feel. “Intimate(ly) Pressure-Cook(ed)”.

So yeah… Quite a lot of work. Quite a lot of adjusting. Quite a lot of “getting in the groove”. But also, quite a lot of learning new things.

I wouldn’t even know where to start with this honestly. So let me just list a few things, which come into my mind.

  • Dealing with randomized international teams for different projects.
  • Learning various new programming languages and weird tools. kind regards to out to you Rascal… ❤️
  • Learning to deal with high workloads and other people a bit better. still working on that one… 😅
  • Dealing with way too many inconsistencies from different people.
  • When there is a possibility to do an extra thing, which you can do… Do it. Often times, it’s worth it.

Even when I’m looking at things outside of my studies, there are also quite a lot of thoughts.

  • Living alone, for the first time is quite an adjustment but can be quite refreshing.
  • Go out. Explore the world outside your door. It’s worth it.
  • Be patient, when it comes to Deutsche Bahn. Being angry doesn’t solve any problems. Try to “enjoy” the ride.
  • Try out some random things. Whatever you feel like in the moment. It helps out distancing yourself from all the other stuff going on.
  • Look out for those quintessential people in your circle of influence. Don’t be a dick to them and try to help them out as much as possible. You can’t do this alone!
  • Enjoy the ride. This doesn’t last forever.

While thinking about this stuff, I’ve also tried visulizing different things. Maybe you find those at least remotely interesting. I guess this is one way to use this kind of data. Especially when it comes to how much you did in various aspects, this becomes pretty interesting.

A map of every place I visited.
A bar graph showing the amount of work I did for my university studies.
(Partially starting from the 26th of September, programme started earlier.)

A map of every place I visited.
Every "place" I visited.

A map of every place I visited.
Every public transit stop I got on or off.

Well… Hope you enjoyed it.

Merry Christmas everyone. 🎁

See ya.