So... I finished. What now?


I finished. What now?

You may be thinking. What is this strange person on the internet talking about. As you might have noticed I talk a lot about Computer Science related topics in here and the last three years I’ve spend getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences. About a month ago I finished it. Thrown my Thesis in the mailbox of my university. And… I was done.

It may sound simple. It may sound ordinary. Whoaa.. Look at this guy… He finished his bAChElORs thESIs.. whAT a GUy

I don’t care. I don’t care if this is the 10000th post made on this, or how rudimentary this may seem in today’s day and age. I’m still proud.

This first paragraph, this thesis, these three years represent a lot of stress, sleepless nights, anxiety and pressure. But it also represents a unique challenge, a learning experience, personal growth, comeraderie and even fun. Yes… Even during Covid times…

It would take way too long to go into further detail of my studies. This would be a topic for itself. Honestly these few words describe the experience quite well come to think of it.

So, what do I want to tell you? It feels a bit weird. My “real worklife” has started. I started a job as a Software Engineer a week ago. But this still feels weird. “Nothing new”. Nothing really special. This might seem a bit entitled to say. I don’t have any other way to say it better though… My university life consisted of part-time working as a “Software Engineer” so I got introduced to the work there and the leadup wasn’t as drastic as it usually is. Especially considering that I stayed at the same company, in the same department, even in the same project this shouldn’t really surprise you.

It still feels a bit different though. After a long journey I have reached one of my goals of becoming a Software Engineer and it baffles me that I can proudly and truthfully write those words. Sometimes if you’ve reached a long for which you need to work a long time it feels a bit weird afterwards since this part of your mind isn’t occupied with it anymore.

What now? Well… I honestly don’t know. It’s also one reason why I’m writing up this. You might have noticed that my thoughts are a but chaotic but that’s basically my mind right now on this topic. So this helps me a bit to sort my mind out. Right now I’m working a bit full-time as a Software Engineer at my current company to get some actual work-experience in… Also this should help me get my life back on track since my work-life balance during studies really wasn’t that healthy. I really need to do some work in that area. A bit later in about roughly a year my goal is to start with a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences.

Why do you want to do this again? Well… I’m up for the challenge. I want to learn more. And it fascinates me. Also I’ve spent 70-80% of my time studying during Covid conditions. I’ve never really experienced student life. So that’s also one thing I guess. But this is the short reason for that goal. That should take me about two year extra. It also feels a bit weird that I’ve got my life planned out for the next three years but that’s just the way it is…

So yeah… I don’t really feel like I can say much more on this. I also wanna thank everyone from the bottom of my heart that stayed true to me and helped me out on this journey so far. ❤

There would be quite a few ones that would be in the list of people to thank so I’m not gonna list everyone. But you know who you are and thank you. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today and I really appreciate that and I can’t really express that graditude in words.

See ya.